Thought Leadership

The BLEgroup create thought leadership pieces to provide insights and recommendations to both education readers and industry managers. technology issues and trends. The thought leadership pieces come from experience of the decision makers and industry products. Below are a list of recent articles written by the BLEgroup on current Issues.

Data – The Key to Customized Instruction — September 2016

Education has evolved into a market with options. Many states and districts now allow students to attend a variety of publicly funded and regulated options.

Technology and Productivity in K12 Schools — January 2016

This piece gives examples of very well and poorly endowed districts who increase graduation rates through Professional Development.

Integration of Multiple Technology Initiatives Is Under ESSA

This article discusses why most implementation of large systems fail and how successful implementation must be done.

I Data- The Key to customized instruction

This article provides examples of how districts who are successful in use of data to improve instruction and those who are ineffective.

Six “Need to haves ” for Smaller District to Integrate Technology

Smaller districts can be as successful as larger ones if they own and effectively utilize 6 key systems.

1:1 Computing: More About Education Than Devices

1:1 computing is effective If educational content and effective pedagory are implemented.

Implementing Effective Education with 1:1 Computing

Reflection on Common Core Standards Midway to Launch – EdNET Insight – Levinson, Dickson, Abshire

Thought Leadership – 1-1 Computing Primer – July 2013

The State of Online Testing – Rob Dickson article – May 2013


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