Thought Leadership

The BLEgroup produces thought leadership pieces to provide insight and direction to both education decision-makers and industry leaders focused on the direction of critical education technology issues. The thought leadership stems from internal dialogue between members of the groups. These pieces include a variety of press releases, articles, white papers, and blogs. Over the coming months we will be adding video examples of best practices. A sampling of our most recent work is below.

Key Issues: 2012-2013 and Beyond

Thought Leadership – Webinar – Nov 7, 2013
Implementing Effective Education with 1:1 Computing

Thought Leadership – Article – Sept 13, 2013
Reflection on Common Core Standards Midway to Launch – EdNET Insight – Levinson, Dickson, Abshire

Thought Leadership – Primer – July 2013
Thought Leadership – 1-1 Computing Primer – July 2013

Thought Leadership – Article – May 2013
The State of Online Testing – Rob Dickson article – May 2013

Thought Leadership – Webinar – April 29, 2013

Required Viewing for Rural Schools – Webinar: Technology Planning & Integration for Small School Districts 
Smaller districts have distinct needs and limited resources for technology planning and integration, especially with the demands of the common core curriculum. This webinar features Dr. Manuel Isquierdo (Superintendent, Sunnyside District, Tucson, Arizona), Dr. Michael Lovett (Superintendent, White Bear Lake, Minnesota), and Dr. Eliot Levinson (CEO, BLEgroup). It presents case studies for technology planning and integration for instructional improvement and common core standards in two districts at different stages of implementation. Click here to watch the FREE webinar.

Thought Leadership – Article – March 21, 2013
1:1 Computing – BYOD – March 2013 (Article #3)

Thought Leadership – Article – Jan 21, 2013
1:1 Computing – Implementation in Schools – Jan 2013 (Article #2)

Thought Leadership – Article – Sept 24, 2012
1:1 Computing – Content Is Still the Question – Sept 2012 (Article #1)


Press Release – June 3, 2013
BLEgroup & CraigMichaels Partner to Provide Innovative Marketing & Sales Services for High-Quality Digital Education Products

Press Release – Dec 4, 2012
Sunnyside Unified School District’s One-to-One Computing Program Partners with BLEgroup for Truly Individualized Results

Press Release – Nov 13, 2012
Going Digital: Capstone Partners with BLEgroup to Reach New Readers

Press Release – Sept 30, 2012
K-12 GeoVisual Analytics

Press Release – Sept 10, 2012
BLEgroup Works With Atomic Learning to Increase Technology Market Presence

Press Release – Sept 2012
Lightspeed Tek Develops New Differentiated Instruction Product with the BLEgroup

Thought Leadership – May 2012
Common Core Assessments

Thought Leadership – Feb 20, 2012
Digital Delivery of Education is Real – Patterns and Products Seen in New Products at the BLEgroup Panels at TCEA

Thought Leadership – Dec 6, 2011
What is the Right Test? The Evolving Adaptive Nature of Assessment

Thought Leadership – Nov 21, 2011
Mobile Devices: Current Status and Trends 2011-2012

Thought Leadership – Nov 4, 2011
Emerging Technology Hardware Updates

Thought Leadership – Nov 4, 2011
Pearson Upends the Traditional Educational Publishing Model

Thought Leadership – Sept 21, 2011
Learning Management Systems: Current Status and Trends 2011-2012

Thought Leadership – Sept 20, 2011
Reflection on Trends and Products Seen at the BLEgroup Panels at TCEA

White Paper – April 2011
Computer Adaptive Assessments: Item Response Theory vs. Curriculum Based Theory

White Paper
The Power of Multi-Input and Melodic Learning

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