Looking to make your new education technology product successful in the K-12 market?

Get feedback on your product quality and get your questions answered from key decision-makers at all levels of the market!

BLEgroup panels are known for providing education technology businesses with access to leading education decision-makers, who provide key feedback on product features, quality, usability, marketing, and pricing.

Panels also provide the opportunity for networking with all of the educators, and opportunities to connect with potential new customers, education technology investors, and channel partners.

The BLEgroup provides two types of panels:

  • Interactive in-person panels at TCEA and ISTE
  • Phone/Webinar panels targeted at providing firms specific information when needed

Interactive Instructional Leader Panels at ISTE & TCEA

Receive feedback on current or proposed products from a balanced group of key decision-makers, including superintendents, CIOs, heads of instruction, and both angel and early investors.

The panels at TCEA and ISTE are aimed at the following types of education technology firms and publishers:

  • Early stage firms who want feedback from decision-makers, exposure to investors, and the potential possibility of pilot sites
  • Firms who want input on their new products or products under development
  • Firms who want to understand current best practices and trends in the marketplace
  • Firms who want to improve existing products, and understand the competitive environment
  • Firms who want to hear from a specialized and collected group of decision-makers: superintendents, CIOs and heads of instruction

Panel services include:

  • 2 hours of pre-panel consultation to design an agenda for your panel that addresses your specific questions and needs
  • 2.5-hour session with 5 panelists of your choice (we guarantee the participation of at least 3 of the 5 panelists you choose)
  • A taped recording of the focus group
  • Up to 4 additional meetings with up to 4 BLEgoup members
  • Optionally: for an added fee, you will receive a 5-8 page Panel Report written by a professional journalist provided within 30 days of the panel
  • A networking dinner with other BLEgroup firms and panelists where you’ll be introduced to possible strategic partners

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Phone Panels & Webinars

Phone panels and webinars are 1.5-hour sessions that are a cost-effective way to tap into expertise and information that you need immediately. Phone seminars can be designed and conducted in 1-2 weeks.

Phone and webinar panels include:

  • A consultation to design an agenda for your panel that addresses your specific questions and needs
  • 1.5–hour moderated, interactive session with 5 or 6 panelists of your choice
  • 5-page Panel Report written by a professional, provided within 30 days of the panel
  • Customization options to fit your needs!

2015 Fee Schedule for Panels

There is a graduated fee scale for panels, ranging from a savings of 40% for super early bird pricing (five months before the panel), to the full fee of $10,000 the month of the panel. Incubator firms that have less than $1 million in funding qualify for a discounted rate of $6,000.

The fees include audio/visual, internet, digital recording, and the networking dinner. For an added price, you will receive a written focus group report.

The earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to acquire a spot and lower the fee.

The fee for phone panels is $6,500 at any time, and panels are typically arranged within 3 weeks.

Call 202.255.4391 or email to schedule your panels.