Industry Services

The BLEgroup is comprised of leading education technology practitioners, who provide the industry with a set of services over the life cycle of a product, to improve development, marketing, usage and impact. The services include product development, focus groups, pilot management, investor relationships, writing white papers, survey research, finding channel partners, and implementation support.

BLEgroup’s services to the education industry include:

BLEgroup Leadership Panels at ISTE and TCEA

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The BLEgroup conducts 20-40, 2.5 hour focus groups. The panels are customized to the specific needs each firm has to learn from customers. The panels are held at the TCEA meetings in February and the ISTE meetings in June. Company Representatives interact at the table and interact with the educators and investors (if desired) on well planned agendas that usually involve reaction to a product answers  and  focused question. The superintendents instructional directors and CIOS, address pre determined agendas developed by the firms addressing product quality, usability, piloting, and a variety of topics such market trends, product marketing, pricing and funding sources. There is a focus group report and recommendations of next steps prepared for each firm. Panels also provide opportunities for networking with channel partners, 1:1 conversations with other attendees and a networking dinner.
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Phone Panels/Webinars

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Getting rapid response to immediate questions

Phone panels and webinars last 1.5 hours. They are targeted at firms who need immediate answers from the market on specific topics and can’t wait till the major conferences. They function like the panels at TCEA and ISTE, but lack the networking and channel partner opportunities. The phone panels provide access to a larger number of panelists to choose from. The phone panel/ webinars are shorter and less costly, but provide the agenda planning, focus group reports and recommendations for next steps.
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Sales Training Seminars

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The BLEgroup provides a full day, interactive sales seminar created specifically for K-12 educational technology sales professionals. Focusing on K-12 culture, structure, regulations, and emerging changes, this seminar is ideal for anyone who serves the K-12 public education sector.

Locate and Secure Product Pilots

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Many start-up firms can benefit from pilot sites and products

One of the the results of panel participation is that for those firms who want pilot sites for new products, the BLEgroup will identify potential pilot sites and oversee the implementation of the pilots, to assure effective implementation. Pilots are not a guaranteed outcome of the panels, but they provide valuable information for product improvement, implementation, white papers and potential reference sites. Firms have to agree to a significantly discounted product price and implementation oversight for pilot districts.

Implementation Support

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Ensure high rates of product usage and outsource implementation services

The key to technology effectiveness is product usage. Many schools lack the personnel to effectively implement products. The BLEgroup has a well-developed methodology that ensures the utilization of technology in the teaching, learning, and management processes.

Thought Leadership

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An objective of the BLEgroup community is to provide thought leadership to both schools and the industry on critical issues.

Thought Leadership conversations are a new offering. The BLEgroup convenes 3 events a year for a selected group of knowledgeable school systems and interested education technology firms, to openly exchange perspectives on critical issues impacting the market, in order to create thought leadership. The BLEgroup facilitates the conversation meetings, and publishes findings and social media for both the schools and the industry. The first conversation was held in July, on the state of 1:1 Computing. The initial result is being published by MDR and the education industry. The two planned thought leadership conversations for 2013 are on Web-based professional development and adaptive assessment in July.

White Papers

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The BLEgroup has a method for cost effectively developing white papers that provide education decision makers with detailed information on the need for and effectiveness of your product.
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Survey Research

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Get market research from a range of districts and decision makers

The BLEgroup provides a variety of survey research of education decision makers for its clients, including Web-based questionnaires, phone interviewing and market analysis.

Quarterly Consulting

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The BLEgroup provides a cost effective limited time retainer on quarterly strategic advising to firms, usually as a follow on to a panel on such topics as market intelligence, pilot procurement, channel alliances, product strategy, sales and marketing, and investment relations.

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