CIO & Instructional Leader Panels – Agenda Outline

EDNET 2015

October 4-6, 2015 – Atlanta, GA

Panel Agenda Questionnaire

Outline for Writing Panel Agenda

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Amy Krause will be working with you, over the phone, to create an agenda for your focus group. In order to enable the process and help you get the results you want rapidly, we would appreciate your filling out the form below:

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A. * Company Name:

People attending the panel from your company (separate with commas):

B. Short description of your business and/or product:

C. Objectives for the panel: What specific qustions do you want answered about your product?:

D. What are the general topics we wish to discuss in the session (e.g., messaging, technical features, gut reactions, marketing, pricing)? Market Note: we have learned it is better to delve into a few areas, in-depth and with a limited number of topics, than to ask too many questions:

E. We want to inform the panelists about the following information on our products and services:

Are the above best done in an online demonstration, PPT, or discussion?

F. Who are the types of panelists that you want on your 5-person panel?
  • Instructional knowledge
  • IT knowledge
  • Both instructional and IT
  • Superintendents
  • State Departments, Large Districts, Leading Edge Technology Districts, Intermediate Units
G. The outcomes of this panel session will inform the following activities for us over the next year:

H. We would appreciate the BLEgroup arranging alliances with the following types of firms for us during the meeting:
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