Founder and Managing Partner, Eliot Levinson

Levinson’s focus and experience is on the importance of the implementation process and change management in creating effective educational outcomes. Levinson draws on a diverse background to support effective education technology implementation.


Levinson’s background stems from four major areas:

K-12 EducationLevinson worked in schools for 15 years, including experience as a teacher in Philadelphia and San Jose, principal of one of the first middle schools in the country in Wayland, Massachusetts, and as an aide to the first Chancellor of Schools in New York City.

Levinson developed the BLEgroup’s strategic technology audit/plan methodology, and his methodology addresses a district’s current status in the interdependent areas of instruction, management systems, infrastructure, education technology and technology support. It plans out target environments in each of the 4 areas for 3-5 years. The audit plans include budgets and implementation plans, to move from the current to the target environment. The audit plan is usually followed by ongoing support to districts in the development of RFPs, selection of appropriate products, and ongoing monitoring and implementation support.

Technology and ResearchEliot’s interests in technology and organizational behavior were gained through 15 years of research and consulting experience in institutions, including: serving as a senior scientist in the management sciences group at the Rand Corporation doing implementation research and being a visiting scholar at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Center for Information Research where he managed a program on organizational impact of technology. Levinson also had research or lecturer appointments at Babson College, Boston University, and the John F. Kennedy School of Government, in Computing in the Public Sector Program.

Consulting on Technology-Based Business Processes and Organizational ChangeLevinson has provided business process consulting, implementation support, and strategy consulting to large firms and agencies initiating the strategic use of technology. Some of these firms include Proctor & Gamble, General Motors, General Electric, and the Internal Revenue Service.

The ongoing implementation support, monitoring, and product implementation methods that the BLEgroup has developed for school systems has been derived from the research and consulting Levinson did in the university and corporate world. It was modified by the BLEgroup to meet the unique needs of schools.

Levinson’s interest in technology-based change stems from his early work as a Peace Corps volunteer, introducing new animal husbandry techniques in traditional communities in the central Peruvian highlands.

Education IndustryLevinson was a co-founder of Learn-City, one of the first Web-based instructional companies. Levinson has written monthly columns on technology for Scholastic Administrator and Converge magazines. He currently oversees an internal Web environment on new technology for the BLEgroup. Levinson does strategy work with several large publishers and education technology companies, and works with several private equity firms and large publishers on merger and acquisition, and due diligence work.

Levinson was awarded a Ph.D in Organizational Behavior and Policy Science, an M.S. degree in Applied Medical Anthropology, and an M.A. degree in Education from Stanford University. He holds a B.A. degree in History from Middlebury College.