About the BLEgroup

Delivery of K-12 education is moving from textbooks to an integrated, individualized web-based delivery of teaching and learning. The BLEgroup is a network of leading education decision-makers. Our methods are focused on the implementation of strategic and practical-use of education technology for improved outcomes and management efficiency. 


To enable schools and the education industry to create excellence by transforming delivery of teaching and learning from the book to the cloud through the development and implementation of education technology and digital materials.

Core Work of the BLEgroup

The BLEgroup is unique, as it works with both schools and education technology providers. The group’s work is based on the premise that educational objectives should drive technology use.

The group believes that effective education is determined by two factors:

  • The quality of educational products
  • The capacity of schools to effectively implement and adopt educational products

Therefore, the BLEgroup provides a flow of services to:

  • Technology providers and publishers to improve the quality of products and channel partnerships and acquisitions
  • Small schools and districts that often lack expertise and management capacity, to provide technology audits, planning, procurement, professional development, and integration support to improve educational outcomes and management efficiency.

The BLEgroup Community

The core of the BLEgroup is a group of over 180 working CIOs, superintendents, business administrators, and heads of instruction from State Education Departments, large districts, intermediate districts, and leading edge technology districts. The BLEgroup members are known as being the leading education technology practitioners in the country whose districts are at the leading edge of practice.

The people below represent the nature of BLEgroup members:

Dr. Manuel Isquierdo, Resident Superintendent

Former Superintendent of Sunnyside Unified School District, Arizona 

Sunnyside is a district that has transformed itself through technology, going from dropout factory to tech-savvy and most recently gaining national recognition for its one-to-one program


Debbie Karcher, CIO of Miami Dade, Florida Schools

This district has over 350,000 students and 168 language groups and their network enables very effective communication

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Eliot Levinson, PhD, Founder and Managing Partner

Levinson began the group in 1996, as an independent consultant to do technology planning for large school systems. He believes that technology, if implemented effectively, is the key to improving U.S education. He has grown the BLEgroup so that there is a shared community of leading education decision-makers to address product quality and provide planning and implementation support to school systems. The group has worked with over 200 school districts and 90 technology firms and educational publishers.

Levinson has experience as a bi-lingual teacher, middle school principal, and as assistant to the chancellor of schools in New York City. He has served on the faculty of the Sloan School of Management at MIT,  a senior management scientist at the Rand Corporation, and has consulted for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Levinson has a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Policy Analysis, an M.A in Education and an M.S applied Anthropology from Stanford University.

Advisory Board

The BLEgroup industry advisory board is made up of leading members of the education industry who share the challenges, opportunities and changes in the marketplace that they are dealing with in their own businesses. This insight helps to shape the services that the BLEgroup offers.

  • Brad Baird, CEO, RoboKind
  • Christopher Curran, Managing Director, Berkery, Noyes, and Co.
  • David Driscoll, Former State Commissioner, Massachusetts D.O.E
  • Chuck Amos, CEO, Guide K12

BLEgroup Staff